ZEN Infusions Sparkling Organic Tea

Made with real steeped organic tea, lightly sweetened
with Raw organic cane sugar and flavoured using real organic fruit.

Lemon Lavender

We start with reverse osmosis filtered water and use premium vodka. Organic black and green tea is the base and is blended 25% Kombucha. We then use organic, locally sourced lemon juice, and locally grown and 100% organic cold steeped lavender for our flavour. A small amount of organic cane sugar creates the perfect amount of sweetness. Lemon Lavender is a superbly refreshing and easy drinking beverage.

104 calories, 5 grams sugar

Mandarin Ginger

Keeping with our traditional base of organic teas and kombucha, our next endeavour is Mandarin Ginger. A sparkling delight on the palette, these two natural flavours are superbly balanced with a smooth finish and a subtle ginger kick. A small amount of organic cane sugar completes the combo which does not disappoint.

100 calories, 5 grams sugar

Coastal Berry Lime

Starting with our organic tea and kombucha base, our third flavour is Coastal Berry Lime. This is a blend of three organic real fruit concentrates, blackberry, raspberry and cranberry. We then complement the berry’s with all-natural lime flavour and organic cane sugar. This combination creates a flavour that is smooth, complex and superbly refreshing.

103 calories, 5 grams sugar

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